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Michigan House approves Wozniak, Zorn plans to expand access to occupational, physical therapy care
RELEASE|May 2, 2024
Contact: Doug Wozniak

The state House has approved bills sponsored by Reps. Doug Wozniak and Dale Zorn that would add Michigan to both the Occupational Therapy Interstate Licensure Compact and the Physical Therapy Interstate Licensure Compact.  

Currently, 28 states are part of the OT compact, while 34 states are a part of the PT compact, including Michigan’s neighboring states of Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Several additional states also have similar legislation to enter the compacts as well.  

As access to health care and telemedicine continues to be strained, states have worked to address the issue with license reciprocity efforts and increased access to telemedicine services. These compacts enhance access to care by facilitating the practice of occupational and physical therapy across state lines, enabling professionals to obtain multistate licensure without obtaining separate licenses from each state.  

“These interstate compacts will improve access to health care in Michigan while maintaining our state’s regulatory authority to protect the health and safety of our residents,” Zorn said. “This legislation would also help fill the need for physical therapists specializing in critical areas of care, such as chronic pain, oncology rehabilitation, and more.” 

“Occupational therapists go through rigorous education and training to receive their professional licenses,” said Wozniak, R-Shelby Township. “It’s common sense to allow these qualified professionals to provide in-person and online services throughout the country.” 

Each state in these systems supplies officials responsible for the oversight and operation of the compact’s licensure data system, allowing for instantaneous verification of licensure information.  

The Michigan House is also considering similar legislation introduced earlier this year that would enter the state into a similar multistate licensure compact for physician’s assistants.  

Wozniak’s House Bill 4170 and Zorn’s HB 4505 were approved with overwhelming bipartisan support and now move to be considered by the state Senate.  


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